Actually, our technique for tie-dyeing our denim and dark tees is a reverse tie-dye technique.  Please let us explain.  Most tie-dye is done using a white garment that’s tied, and then dyed; resulting in a rainbow patterned garment.  Our technique is in reverse, we start out with Blue/Indigo denim and other dark colored garments.  In order to get the vibrant colors to stand out on the blue denim and dark garments, we have to pull out some of the dark color and add color on top.  We aren’t able to use bleach, as bleach will cause the fabric to weaken, and oftentimes crumble.  We have developed a process for achieving vibrant colors that we are very proud of.   The resulting garment is colorfast, and as strong as the piece was intended to be.

2 thoughts on “Dyed Originals (What’s Reverse Tie-Dye?)

  1. Greetings,

    I trust that you are well. I purchased several items when you were at B Expo for Radio One in Philadelphia recently. I am interested in jumpsuits and the location listed on your website, well their phone is no longer working.

    Kindly advise. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for your interest in our products. Our Philadelphia location has closed due to the entire shopping mall it was in being closed for renovations. At this time, we ask that you place all orders through our website. Thanks again!

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